I have to say that I’m very impressed with UVO. I just completed a 3-day, 375 mile cycling event (basically went entirely around the island of Puerto Rico) and got minimally sunburned after being exposed to the sun for 6-8 hours per day. I also applied external sunscreen lotion, but that goes away pretty fast when you start sweating. I really like your product – I can’t claim zero sunburn, but it felt as if I had applied sunscreen several times during the day, and there was no sting at all from the sun!

 Alejandro D.San Juan, PR

I recently received your product in a GoodBeing box and was most impressed. I then purchased a large box to share with my friends and co-workers and we were all most impressed with the product. Most of us tan fairly well and we all went sans sunscreen and just consumed the UVO! Not one of us burned or even turned pink!!!! That is saying a lot when you are in the Nevada dessert in September! We thank you and our swimming pool thanks you. I am an avid triathlete, marathoner and airline pilot. I know a lot about being exposed to the sun. I am so excited about having your product for the coming training season as I will be doing my 6th and 7th Ironman 70.3 races!

 Melissa G.Las Vegas, NV

Okay, this is for all you sun gods and goddesses out there. Especially those Fair Maidens who wish they could spend time in the sun but understand the consequences of doing so. I am one of those young Fair Maidens (except I am in my sixties now). I got burnt more times than I can count, and of course I paid the consequence with many spots of basal cell carcinoma. I personally would like to thank Dr Bobby and the UVO. I no longer have to fear being in the sun that I love so much. This is the first year that I can honestly tell you I have not gotten a sunburn. Even though I apply my sunscreen on a regular basis, I still drink my UVO daily and I have noticed a significant difference.

 Janice M.Aurora, IL

As a professional beach volleyball athlete I spend all day in the sun – running around, sweating and getting sandy. Sunscreen doesn’t always stay on under those conditions. UVO is a fantastic addition to my sun smart routine.

 Christie J. Australia (Professional Beach Volleyball Player)

Sun protection doesn’t get any easier than with this orangey green tea tasting drink bursting with vitamins. UVO is perfect for those early morning surf sessions where you’re not too sure how long you will stay. Could be a few waves or you could in the water for a couple hours. UVO keeps you protected. As someone who is very aware of the potential harm from prolonged and repeated exposure to the sun, UVO is a great addition to your standard means of sun protection including sunscreen and UV rated clothing.

 Shawn K.Kill Devil Hills, NC (Professional Skimboarder)

I wanted you to know that Saturday we had about 50 people gather at Doheny Beach for a family BBQ and beach day.  I told everyone what I was doing and showed them the product.  They know I’m fair and can burn in that hot sun…and I was purposefully out in it most of the time (we were there from noon until 9 PM).  Plenty of high noon heat to try it out.  I did put a 25 SPF sunblock on my face for extra protection there. I drank one bottle half an hour before arriving at the beach, and another about 3 hours later.  By 5:30 PM the sun was mostly lingering behind palm trees and a snack stand – so I didn’t drink another one.  Everyone was checking my skin out to make sure I wasn’t roasting.  I went down to the water, was up at the volleyball courts, and sat out in the chairs by the BBQs…every chance to see if these conditions would break through the product.  I am happy to report – there wasn’t a red spot on me!  I also brought extra to let people try the taste.  We all loved it!

 Margie M.Dana Point, CA

UVO is the product I think those of us who are serious about skin protection have all been waiting for!  Having been a surfer and sun-lover all my life I have tried all the available means to guard my skin from sun damage.  I grew up in South Africa where the conditions are harsher, the ozone is thinner, and the sun really burns you if you don’t take precautions – and I mean in mere minutes!  So skincare has been a lifelong concern for me and my family.  I’ve worked as a lifeguard for over 12 years and I continue to spend a lot of time in the sun now with surfing, running, volleyball, hiking and outdoor yoga all being part of my life.  UVO “bridges the gap” when sunscreen begins to rub off or wash off and can help guard your skin in between applications.  I particularly like the idea that drinking UVO regularly can assist your body over time in building up its own natural skin defense.  I have tested it out on long days at the beach this summer during high sun-risk times of day, and I can really say I’ve noticed the effect of the additional protection.  To top it all off it has a great taste and is super refreshing when enjoyed ice cold!  I plan on keeping a good running supply in my refrigerator at all times.

 Tess P.Laguna Beach, CA

Alright, all of you that know me, know that I am in the sun a lot with work and a busy sail racing schedule. When sailing often we do not have a lot of idle time to re-apply sunscreen I have been trying out Dr Bobby Awadalla sun screen product “UVO”. I apply a base coat of my usual sun screen SPF35 before I go out, then drink a bottle of great tasting UVO 30 to 60 minutes prior to a day of sailing and I can tell you “this stuff really works”.

 Scott K.San Clemente, CA

Sunscreen and I don’t usually get along. I am pretty active in the water and dislike the greasiness and constant need to reapply. I am so happy to have found UVO, effortless sun protection that tastes great! I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty it was and plan to kiss all those SPF chemicals goodbye! Hello to healthy, clean drinkable vitamins and minerals that simply enhance my body’s own protective abilities!

 Lizzie N.Los Angeles, CA

I love UVO! Living in Arizona is a real concern especially since ultraviolet damage is cumulative. I generally apply sunscreen in the morning but forget to re-apply later in the day. Drinking UVO in the afternoon protects me from those harmful sun rays and DNA sun damage. The best part is I don’t have to worry about missing any areas and getting sticky! Every area is protected! From a nutritional aspect I am consuming most powerful vitamins that also decrease skin aging which is every woman’s concern! One bottle of UVO makes me feel like I am giving my body one big zap of healthy protection! Thank you UVO!

 Vera B.Scottsdale, AZ

I have fair skin and I am very sensitive to the sun. Even with sunscreen and a hat I seem to get a sunburn if I am in the sun for a long period of time. I recently drank UVO and went to the beach with my friends. With UVO I was able to stay in the sun for 5 hours and didn’t burn at all! Drinking UVO has made doing outdoor activities so much more fun for me because I do not have to worry about getting a sunburn!

 Tess B.Hermosa Beach, CA

UVO is the greatest product for sun protection! It’s sad that I spent all these years smearing on sunscreen when I could have been drinking it! The best part about this product is that I am also getting the benefit of vitamins and antioxidants my body needs as well! I have stopped taking many daily supplements I normally use since my UVO is packed with most of what I need. My daughter lives in Az and works outdoors 4 days a week. On a recent visit, we hiked, paddled and hung out at the pool. Neither of us had a burn. I did get a little color, but no burn! Now my daughter uses it every day as well. We both love the idea of not having to reapply sunscreen and no stinging in the eyes! Just a great tasting, refreshing and super healthy drink! There is nothing else like this!!!!

 Karen D.Laguna Beach, CA

I tried UVO last Sunday and was out 3-4 hours and I didn’t experience any burning even though it was crazy sunny that day! Truly good stuff!

 Ryan L.Hermosa Beach, CA

I enjoy drinking UVO right before I run or rollerblade at the beach. UVO allows me to get a nice tan without getting sunburned! I love UVO because it tastes amazing and I no longer have to worry about sun protection sweating off or clogging my pores.

 Claudia F.Hermosa Beach, CA


I drink UVO before work because I work outside in the sun all day as a Physical Education Teacher and Coach. Although I put on sunscreen in the morning, I know I’m protected from the inside out as well, and if I forget to reapply, I have UVO as an extra security blanket. In addition to UVO’s sun protection, it tastes great and is packed full of vitamins!

 Patrick C.Redondo Beach, CA

I love the taste, and so do the kids which is amazing for 7 year old boys, and feel the positive impact.

 Dave M.Scottsdale, AZ